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Before you continue on with your purchase I wanted to share a few important things about NutraSilver® that our customers really appreciate. I’m confident you’ll see why 10,000s of people trust NutraSilver® to meet their health needs.

At 3,600 PPM, NutraSilver® is a next-generation colloidal silver product that is unlike store-bought or homemade colloidal silver. NutraSilver® Plus delivers a potent amount, is safe when consumed as directed, satisfies your reason for purchasing NutraSilver and saves you money.

We give you a 100%, money-back guarantee on your first retail order. Does that sound fair to you?

  • Guarantee: We stand by our product. We offer a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on your first order (see store policies). If NutraSilver® doesn’t work, we’ll buy it back.
  • Unique: NutraSilver® is made from pure mined silver and a proprietary process to create clean, safe, and potent metallic nano-silver particles.
  • Cost-effective: Use 10 PPM? One 30 mL bottle of NutraSilver® produces 38 full 8-ounce batches of it (saving you $552 comparatively).
  • Size: 30 mL (1 fl oz) dropper bottle. Approximately 500 drops.
  • WARNING; exceeding the recommended dose of NutraSilver, mixing minerals with NutraSilver or prolonged exposure to sunlight or tanning booths may cause a rare cosmetic condition known as argyria which can turn skin an ashen-gray or light blue color. Do not use NutraSilver longer than 6 months.

    Please, enjoy NutraSilver® and share it with someone you care about. If you have any questions, we’re here to help, really. Call us at (888) 240-2326. Be sure to leave a message so we can get to know you better and return your call promptly.

    Russell Altman, Manager

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